Meet The Band

This is Andrew Velasquez (aka Andy Leo). He is the lead singer of CTE. And he’s adorable. And he is not so secretly dating the gorgeous Bailey Allen!
19 years old.

This is Brandon Hoover. He is the guitarist for CTE. He is just plain sexy. And I may or may not have had a huge crush on him for the past two years…SO DON’T TRY AND TAKE HIM FROM ME. Even though someone already has. :( But she is a beautiful lady, named Tatum Jones, that lives in California and seems super sweet!
21 years old.

This is Hayden Tree. Slappin’ the bass for CTE. He may or may not be single? Not too sure. But pretty sure he’s taken by the lovely Vanessa Adriana!
21 years old.

(FORMER MEMBER) This is Austin Duncan. He played the keys for CTE. They haven’t released an official statement concerning his leave yet.
20 years old.

(FORMER MEMBER) This is Brandon Shroyer, the ex-bassist for CTE. He ended up leaving the band for reasons unknown, and he is very taken and has a baby now!

(FORMER MEMBER) This is Alex Massey. He used to play drums for the original lineup of CTE. Him and Brandon Shroyer were also both included in this interview that the band did back in January 2011.

That concludes the original six band members of Crown The Empire, now onto the newest members:
This is Brent Taddie (aka Taddie Tots). He is the drummer for CTE. He is taken by the oh so beautiful Tessa Buhler. Sooo, sorry ladies. I know it sucks because he’s sexy af, am I right? And he is a fiery beast at the drums.
24 years old.

(FORMER MEMBER) This is Zac Johnson. He used to do the screams for CTE. He also used to be in a band called Nightmares Never Sleep. He is currently in a band called Bruised But Not Broken.
18 years old.

This is Bennett Vogelman (aka Princess Baby Ben). He plays the lead guitar for CTE. Him and his sexy as fuck hair play a mean show. Princess Ben is maybe taken, maybe not? You may wanna holla at ya boy quick if he’s still single!
19 years old.

And last but definitely not least, this is David (Dave) Escamilla. He screams for CTE. That’s right ladies. This right here is the screamer. ;) And apparently his sexy abs and muscular physique (and not to mention his great personality) might have just earned him a special lady! Sorry girls, looks like he’s taken by a gorgeous lady named Taylor!
22 years old.

And that concludes the main band members of CTE, but now we need to talk about one more person who is very closely affiliated with the band:


This right here is Brendan Barone. He is an incredibly talented person who used to play bass/scream a little for CTE back in 2011 when the band was still trying to figure out their lineup. He is also the semi-manager/co-manager for the band and has a huge part in the creative process of their music. Him and Brandon Hoover, as well as Bennett Vogelman, are the main members of the band that write all of the lyrics for their songs! So in conclusion…MAD respect for this guy! Also, *cool fact* Brendan used to play in a band called Disco Curtis (with Tanner Patrick, who’s making it big these days!)

And that finally concludes all of the band members of Crown The Empire. Thank you ladies and gents for…well nothing actually.
Goodbye motherfuckers.

Like this shit.